Nookie - State of the art extreme sports equipment designed and manufactured in Cornwall, England. James has been sponsored by Nookie since 1997 and has become an integral part of their design and testing department.


Esquif - The market leader for open canoes. Esquif is a Canadian company producing over 20 different models of canoe, from radical white water canoes to entry level family cruisers. Esquif lead the way in North America and will work together with me to promote Esquif canoes here in Europe as the best money can buy.


Gaia Sports - The maker of super clever bags in all shapes and sizes, airbags with zippers in, dry bags with see turtles and pimp camera bags. Using environmentally friendly materials and a good dose of bright ideas Gaia produce some very innovative productions to improve my and your day on the river.


Kober - Kober have been making fine canoe paddles for over one hundred years. Continually researching and developing new materials and products Kober is at the forefront of paddle production and supplies professional paddlers in several competitive disciplines the best paddles that can be made.


Sweet - The best head protection money can buy, not only do Sweet helmets keep your head safe in the most demanding situations but they guarantee you will look cool. - High quality web services and web site development.


Waimaa - Waimaa translates as pure water. Waimaa is a project to make cool stuff for cool people, all of whom love a pure life and pure water, peace out.



My vehicle of choice to transport me and my toys to the best paddling destinations in Europe.

Special Thanks

Many thanks must go to family and friends both on and off the river for their support and for all the good times.